Dear Ms. Owens-Wicker,

I was admitted to your rehab unit after surgery on June 29, 2018 for a surgical repaired right hip fracture. This was my 4th or 5th confinement at Bear Creek.

I was so pleased to see you as the Administrator, and to see that most of the great nurses, nursing assistants and physical therapy folks were still there.

There were many kisses and hugs when they discovered that I had been admitted. There was also a great deal of finger shaking as they informed me that they would prefer to see my visit instead of injuring myself and having to be admitted.

The nursing assistants and therapy team – the professionals I interacted with the most, were very patient and cheerful. There were thoughtful of the patient’s privacy and comfort. They were quick to respond to our “lights.” As time went on I realized that these folks really cared that I get well and be able to go home, which of course, was the goal for those of us on rehab unit.

Some of the exceptional folks are:

7 to 3 shift: These folks are a great team helping each other for the good of the patients.

  • Rose – she is a blessing to anyone under her care.
  • Patrice – always cheerful and helpful.
  • Tami – always a smile, even at the end of her shift.
  • Becky – a nurse that takes her job very seriously but always smiling calling me “sleeping beauty”

3 to 11 shift:

  • Chris – a young man with a great sense for the needs of the patients. Always cheerful and making us feel that we are special. No task it too hard. A great team player.
  • Michelle & Monica – they had to cater to folks that wanted to go to bed shortly after dinner and those of us that went to bed later. Making sure we all received our meds before we went to bed (not an easy task for some patients).

11 to 7 shift:

  • Tony – he is a blessing to anyone under his care – with a leg length in difference, I am not allowed to get out of bed without my shoes and cannot use the bathroom during the night. He set his watch alarm to come into my room to let me use the restroom and change me. He has a very gentle touch.
  • Jen – if I was still awake when she came, she always stopped in to see if things were OK! She was gentle in waking us up for our early morning meds. A gem!

Physical Therapy:

  • Jared is an extraordinary therapist. When I first arrived, they counted my time standing in seconds. I thought I’d never get my strength back. When I left (the second time) I was playing basketball (the batter stance). My balance, strength and endurance were great.
  • Leone – when I arrived, I couldn’t stand up and support my weight using my walker. He put me though my paces in order to increase my upper body strength. Now I am much stronger and confident in my ability to do the things I need and want to do (wash, dress and garden).
  • Ashley – She was significant in helped Leone in getting my upper strength back.
  • Speech therapy: Alexia – after general anesthesia, I found that I had difficulty bringing words forward and forgetting things. Thanks to her patience, knowledge and good humor, she brought me back from the edge. I was afraid I was losing “it.” She helped me find “it.” My cognitive and logical reasonings has greatly improved. I cannot thank her enough for her knowledge and caring.

The Director or Nursing, Director of Therapy and Administrative Staff can be proud of the folks that work under their supervision. I had a very positive experience at Bear Creek. I left there happy, stronger, healthier and smarter as to keeping myself strong; physically and mentally.

Thank you for such a positive experience.

J. Brand
November 16, 2018



Dear Everyone,

I wish to thank everyone at Bear Creek Nursing Center for the excellent care I received. The nurses, CNA’s, physical therapists, occupational therapists and complete staff made my stay as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. This allowed me to concentrate on my therapy.

Chris, from floor 1 was exceptionally kind and very quick to solve any problem I encountered, thank him for me. He always had a smile and friendly word for everyone.

Our room was always clean and we had all the paper products we needed thanks to the diligence of our daily house cleaner.

The meals were always nutritious  with a thought to individual needs. With so many patients involved, that is an amazing feat.

I especially want to thank everyone for their great attitude, smiles and kind words. It really means a lot when you are in pain and dependent on other people.

Again, with all the sick and injured people you take care of, it is amazing that you do such an excellent job.

Thanks again.

S. F. Frankel
New Port Richey, FL



To the wonderful staff at Bear Creek Nursing Center:

We just wanted to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the care and support you provided my husband and out entire family during his stay in rehab. You were so attentive to his needs and made him feel comfortable during his time there. You were genuinely concerned about his well-being and e knew you were always taking his best interest into account.

During this difficult time for our family, we could not have asked for a better place for him to be. As much as he wanted to go home, we all knew he was in a comfortable, caring, attentive environment and you treated him like he was your family. That support you gave him means so much to us.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude for how you treated him and us during his final few days with you. TO be there by his side meant the world to us and that happened because of you. The dignity you showed him and the kindness you expressed to us is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

You are all angels and have a true passion for what you do. We are so blessed to have crossed paths with each one of you and we will be forever grateful for you.

With our heartfelt thanks and gratitude –

The Peck Family
January 18, 2018



My mother is a resident at Bear Creek. During Hurricane Irma it was necessary to evacuate the nursing home to Wesley Chapel High School, which was designed as a special needs shelter with very little notice.

My family is very grateful and appreciative of the outstanding job the administration and entire staff did in keeping not only my mother safe and all her needs met, and the entire population at Bear Creek.

From reports I have received; Bear Creek could write the books on how to facilitate a move such as this. All the mattresses, linens, medications, food, supplies and even games were taken to the shelter. The organization of room assignments and keeping residents with staff that they know, and trust made it so much easier for the patients.

The entire staff worked many long hours and were exhausted but kept on going. When the patients returned to the nursing home, it had to be put back together quickly, which they did, then worked their shifts with very little rest.

Thank you for a job well done – does not seem enough. I can honestly say, I was not worried about my mother during the storm as I know the staff (as I am there every day) and knew they would take good care of her.

God bless you all.

L. Foerster
September 18, 2017



I am writing in reference to the devastating Hurricane Irma and her aftermath. I would like to commend you and your staff for the outstanding effort you made, for the timely evacuation of patients and personnel to the Wesley Chapel High School last week. The logistics had to be monumental and Bear Creek showed exceptional diligence. My family and I are forever grateful.

Bear Creek Nursing Center is indeed a 5-star operation. I am glad my mother resides here. Thank you for your professionalism and care.

D. Griffin
September 14, 2017



I sincerely want to thank the staff at Bear Creek for your dedication to your profession. It takes a very special person to work with the elderly in the geriatric medical field. I can truly say every staff member at Bear Creek that I met was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and totally professional. From my visits and phone calls to Bear Creek, I observed the patient, loving devotion to the residents that the staff at Bear Creek provided. Bear Creek certainly deserves the “Gold Seal” and the “5-Star Award.”

When I received the phone call on January 26, 2017, from Bear Creek that my mother was now a resident as of the previous evening, I was so relieved that a nursing home had been found that could accommodate my advanced dementia mother who needed a “locked down” facility.

I live three hundred miles away in a city outside of Fort Lauderdale. My brother and my mother lived brother for the past six years in Port Richey. I toured various nursing homes in Broward County while my mother was hospitalized from January 12. I never found the “perfect” nursing home on my tours, and frankly, I was getting worries about my Mom’s future medical care.

The call from Rhonda in the Admissions Office was unexpected. Rhonda Relieved my fears and was so calming and helpful to me.

My daughter and I arrived at Bear Creek on January 30. We didn’t know exactly what to expect from the staff or even what the facility would look like. Upon our arrival we met with Donna, the Business Manager, as there was a lot of paperwork that I needed to set in motion. Donna, Jeanette and the entire front administrative office was so helpful, efficient, professional and just plain nice. Additionally, on my second visit to Bear Creek, I mentioned that I wanted my Mother’s haircut, and a friendly male introduced himself as Bret and told me the Bear Creek Beauty Salon was currently closed, but he was making arrangements with the salon across the parking lot and would see that Mom’s name was added to the list. Bret then said if I ever needed anything, I should just call him. Little did I realize until I arrived at home the business card, he handed me listed him as the administrator. I did find it necessary to call him, when my mother was hospitalized, and a wrong HIPAA form was used, and therefore, I was not notified that Mom left Bear Creek. Bret, I thank you so very much for immediately handling my complaint.

I now want to acknowledge the nurses that took care of my Mother. Originally, Mom was placed in her temporary room. The following nurses dealt with me only via phone calls, so other than Tom I did not have the privilege of meeting them. Thank you, Darlene, Beth and Cheryl. If I have forgotten anyone or misspelled your name, I am sorry.

Mom was moved to her permanent room on February 17. The nurses that I talked with via my almost daily or nighty calls were Carrie (Keri?), Dionne and Susan. Susan was so warm and sweet when she called to tell me my mother passed away. I met Kimberly, and, of course, Angie, whom I dealt with in my Mom’s last days. All of these nurses (and the ones I didn’t meet or talk to) were superior in every manor. Head Nurse Betty and Assistant Head Nurse Mary were so warm, friendly and of course, professional when it was necessary to talk about “End Stages of Life” with me. Thank you for your compassion.

Social workers Joan, Jana and Peggy; Medical Records Ilene; Case Worker Janae – thank you all for your help and the time you took with me to explain policy, records, etc.

Finally, I come to Unit Manager Jessie. Jessie went way above and beyond trying to help me on all of my visits to Bear Creek. We had many personal conversations, and she helped me deal with the emotional aspect of Mom’s dementia and in the last days of Mom’s life, she helped me get through the grief. I will never forget Jessie. Bear Creek is lucky to have her.

I never knew the names of the physical therapists and others who worked with Mom. Thank you for all you did for her.

I know the word “aide” is incorrect, but Molly and Felicia made life so much easier to bare for Mom. Thank you.

In conclusion, thank you Bear Creek Nursing Center – all of you truly deserve the Gold Seal and 5-Star Award.

D. Heller
April 22, 2017



My mom is a long-term care resident at Bear Creek. She is very happy here and has made many friends along the way. She enjoys the activities they provide and really enjoys the salon services. She receives great care and I couldn’t have found a better place for her.

Hudson, FL



My stay at Bear Creek was a great experience; nice people and my needs were always addressed. If I ever need rehab again, I will definitely return.

Port Richey, FL

My grandma was recently at Bear Creek for knee and leg strengthening – she absolutely loved everyone! Rehab therapy was very successful for her. Thank you.

Land O’ Lakes, FL

I went to Bear Creek for the third time and I could barely speak or walk. What a great nursing staff and therapy department – I began walking and talking in no time. They all hold a special place in my heart for helping me. Thank you all!

Spring Hill, FL

My dad went to Bear Creek for therapy after a recent bought of dehydration and weakness. He had such a great time and enjoyed everything Bear Creek had to offer.

Blue, TX


I went to Bear Creek after a recent fracture and amputation. They taught me many things including how to work and survive with an artificial limb. God bless my therapists!

Mr. G.
Hudson, FL



I went to Bear Creek for spinal stenosis and sciatica pain. The rehab therapy was very good and I even had my hair done at their salon – a great experience overall!

Mrs. S.
Hudson, FL



I am a long-term care resident of Bear Creek Nursing Center. I really enjoy the activities, the games and the companionship they provide – I am so glad I came here.

Mrs. N.
Hudson, FL



Both my husband and I were recent residents at Bear Creek. The therapists were dedicated and terrific and the CNA’s thoughtful and kind.

Mr. and Mrs. W.
Port Richey, FL



I recently went to Bear Creek for rehabilitation and wound care. What an excellent wound care nurse they have. I feel the healing process went extremely well, the nurses great and I soon found myself home again.

Hudson, FL



After knee surgery, I was recommended to Bear Creek’s physical therapy rehabilitation program. What a great decision this was – and great experience. Their therapists and staff really what they were doing. If I should ever need rehab again, I am telling my doctors I want to return to Bear Creek.

Hudson, FL



To the staff of Bear Creek,

The family of J. Smith, wish to thank the entire staff at Bear Creek for the many things you did over and above what was expected to make the family and, most importantly, the final days of Dad’s life filled with respect and love.

Dad was not an easy resident for admission staff to consider based on the provided documentation. When we outlined our case as to why Dad was so combative, they listened and were empathetic. The head nurse also listened to our story as to how the abuse at a previous facility had heightened Dad’s fight or flight instincts and believed in us: NOT the previous facility’s corporate methods of documenting behavior in a manner to protect them from litigation. Residents needs were not their first concerns. Management and leadership set the tone for how the philosophy of case is applied.

A belief in people and compassion is what the Bear Creek staff, across the board, do best! The janitorial staff did not only do their jobs well but apologized before we even knew Dad was low on clothes or that his blanket was missing and always found it. The CNA’s, who spend the most time with each resident, day in and day out, did the undignified jobs and did it with unwavering compassion. The therapy crew whose patience is unmatched in dealing with varying personalities. Nurses dancing around with Dad late at night even with at times having to support his weight or knowing what to say that made him laugh. I will never forget the smiles on his face when not much else in his life brought joy. All of this was only possible because EVERYONE took the time to get to know Dad. Our wish for you is that you reap what you sow in life. You are the BEST!

A simple thank you for everything you all have done is hardly enough. We learned a lot being around you. An example is how music seemed to ease Dad’s agitation during his final days. Research showing how music can ease a resident in stressful situations is plentiful.

With this in mind, a “Music to Soothe Our Loved One’s Souls” fund, will be established by contributions given in memory of John William Smith. Our hope is that if residents feel calmer and less stressed, your jobs, which you all do so well, will be made easier.

With respect and eternal gratefulness,

The Smith Family
May 13, 2016



I have been a resident of Bear Creek’s rehab care more than once – I enjoy the staff and the therapy. I would recommend them to anyone.

Hudson, FL



My step-father was a resident of Bear Creek Nursing Center through a very critical period of his life. What a wonderful job they did, in every aspect. Their compassion and understanding during this time is something I will always remember. Thank you for all the good memories.

Hudson, FL



My husband was a patient at Bear Creek and I can only say that he had the best of care while he was there. The nursing staff was always attentive and the therapy was wonderful!

Hudson, FL


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